aquaponics-farming‘Center for Research in Alternative Farming Technologies’ is involved in extensive research of Aquaponics systems in the urban Indian context as well as the most economical model for the Indian Farmers. Local aquaponics farmingmaterials available to build the system and advantages and disadvantages of the various materials used, are being studied. We are also involved in developing self-sustainable rural based Aquaponics system development and management. The key points of our research are – Grow bed, Grow media, Fish Tanks, Pump optimization, Mechanical air introduction, Fish types, Fish feeds, Maintaining PH, Addition of extra nutrients, Safe pest and disease management etc.

Looking at the present water conditions of Central India and some other parts, Aquaponics can be an Ideal alternative for the Farmers, as it uses almost 80% less water. Aquaponics allows us to grow plants with the most eco friendly farming technique, as there is a inherent restriction of using poisonous insecticides and pesticides. Aquaponics can be technically categorized as Organic Farming because of the in-build intolerance to the insecticides, pesticides and other chemicals.

We at CRAFT are constantly working on the systems to bring Aquaponics at home and encouraging the mass to adopt Aquaponics as it can be most economical and safe food source. We have extensively researched on the Aquaponics systems for over 4 years and grown various veggies at homes/ balconies, terraces, backyard right from Spinach, lettuce, egg plants, various herbs, gourds, cucumber, tomatoes to even papaya. Aquaponics also produces fresh fishes, and the results have been extra-ordinary.