Urban Vertical Farms

‘Center for Research in Alternative Farming Technologies’ is currently researching the models of urban vertical farming (VF) or Terrace VF. The terrace farms has many advantages. It reduces the temeperature of the building structure in summer, it provides fresh vegetables to the residence of the building, it gives an opportunity to the farmer to sale the produce at retail rates to the residents, The vegetables can’t get any fresh than the consumers picking on thier own, it also reduces the carbon footprint as the vegetables no longers needs to travel far distances.


Aquaponics‘Center for Research in Alternative Farming Technologies’ is involved in extensive research of Aquaponics systems in urban Indian context. The local materials available to build the system and the advantages and disadvantages of various materials are being studied. We are also involved in developing self-sustainable rural based aquaponics system development and management. The key points of our research are- Grow bed, Grow media, Fish Tanks, Pump optimization, Mechanical air introduction, Fish types, Fish feeds, Maintaining PH, Addition of extra nutrients, safe pest and disease management etc.



HydroponicsAt CRAFT we are constantly working on making nutrient solution that is very similar to the wide variety of nutrients and biological environment present in the soil. Current Hydroponics scenario worldwide is not very encouraging. The salts used in hydroponics always lack the thousands of compounds (collectively called ‘Humic acid’) present in organic soil.

The vegetables produced by hydroponics lacks the right growing environment and although they are at par with the traditionally grown vegetables when nutrients are concerned, they may not be as healthy as organically grown vegetables. There are many companies involved in developing ‘organic hydroponics’, we at CRAFT doing extensive research on providing the unique atmosphere to the plants that is available in the organic soil.

Organic Farming

Organic-farmingWe are currently developing 15 acres of land for organic farming research. 3 acres of land is now planted with bitter gourd, bottle gourd, ridge gourd, Ladyfingers and eggplants. The land is located at Pen Taluk, Raigad District, Maharashtra. The land was barren land and we are slowly bringing it under cultivation with organic farming techniques.

Various types of organic fertilizers and organic pest and disease control methods are being tested. We are testing Bokashi fertilizer, Zero budget farming methods, Bio-fertilizers and Homeopathy medicines as plant nutrients and disease and pest control. The results from our studies so far are very encouraging. Once we are done with the research, our next step is to make organic farming very competitive so all farmers can practice organic farming and produce cheap and safe food for our consumption.

Urban Farming

urban-farmingUrban Farming or Kitchen Gardening usually concerns modern crowd who are eager to grow what they cook and more dedicated to have safe food. Kitchen Gardening can become a headache to maintain if it is not done properly, it can leave a mess behind. At CRAFT we are dedicated to build such low maintenance urban farms that anyone with least knowledge will be able to get the best out our Aquaponics or Hydroponics systems.

Kitchen Gardening is the best way to get the daily needs such as Coriander, Chili, Mint, tomatoes, and some of the seasonal fruit as well. We have tested our Aquaponics and Hydroponics Systems for almost 4 years so that we can get out clients the best deal and best outputs. We are dedicated towards customer satisfaction- a key to our business.

Our kitchen Gardening Kits are modified according to our client needs and restrictions such as place and what he likes to eat. Our urban farming kits as small as 20 plants and can go as big as the grower needs. We are always available to them on phone and other messaging applications and often request day to day updates initially, till the time the plants are set and the grower has not problems in maintaining the Aquaponics or hydroponics systems.