About us


“Being sensitive to the depleting resources of earth and the use of toxic, carcinogen chemicals in daily life, we decided to work for the cause of sustainability”


‘Center for Research in Alternative Farming Technologies’ is a part of our work in sustainability. We are also working on an eco-tourism model in tribal areas, which involves the integration of tribal population in eco-tourism. This project aims at reviving the tribal culture and showcasing their integration of human and ecology without harming the mother-nature.

CRAFT, we are constantly working on making nutrient solution that can replicate the wide variety of nutrients and biological environment present in the soil. CRAFT is developing its own nutrients which are being tested of commercial scale. The Nutrients are the major part of Hydroponics and at a large scale it is advisable to use specialized nutrients which are developed according to the plant up take and different level of growth. Even with Aquaponics we have extensively researched on plant fish ratio and also making developing our own fish feed to provide complete nutrition to the plants, Our clients get this advantage our research on Hydroponics and Aquaponics to get the best out of the systems.

At CRAFT we encourage both innovation and experience and are looking to build Hydroponics and Aquaponics systems that are both reliable and easy to maintain. Hence, let it be Kitchen Garden or Commercial Hydroponics/Aquaponics our team try to make it as easy as possible even for a Layman to understand the concept so that he is self sustained after a period of time. Having said that we are proud to Share our team:

Vijay Yelmalle
MBA – University of Wales, England
Chemical Engineer

Mr Vijay Suresh Yelmalle is the proprietor of CRAFT. He has worked in chemical industry at Singapore for 14 years. Being MBA graduate from University of Wales, England, he has gained much needed experience and knowledge to establish and run a successful organization. Among many achievements, he was also a part of the team that successfully commissioned first Alfa-technology plant for manufacturing of MMA (Methyl MethAcrylate), which was 20,000 times expansion from its pilot plant. Worked in the field Aquaponics and Hydroponics for 5 years.

K.V.Bhaskar Rao.
B.Sc. Agriculture – Central Agricultural University, Imphal, Manipur
Masters in Food & Agricultural Marketing Management (Gold Medalist)
CEA – Specializing in Hydroponics

A graduate in Agriculture (1992) with a Masters in Food & Agricultural Marketing Management (Mysore 1994) and totally passionate about growing in challenging climates. With his inherent strengths and a green thumb he has over 2 decades of field experience in agricultural crop production and total hydroponic project development, operations and management in highly arid/desert conditions of the Gulf as he is individually handling large projects in the Middle East. Mr. Rao brings with him immense knowledge as a Certified Crop Adviser (CCA – India) from the American Society of Agronomy and conducts farm internal Audits for Global GAP, BRC, LEAF Marque, ETI (SEDEX), and ISO 9001-2008. Well versed in F & V pack house management based on HACCP principles and high standards of food safety & quality control in postharvest handling, packaging and brand development of agricultural produce. A Controlled Environment Agriculturist specializing in Hydroponic cultivation of Exotic vegetables, leafy greens, herbs, fodder/wheat grass, micro greens, etc.





Aquaponics is a food production system that combines aquaculture with hydroponics, a symbiosis of the living environments of fish, plant and chemical-free food produce. We have researched extensively on the history and development of Aquaponics systems. We provide Aquaponics set-ups that can be installed in homes, terraces, shops and other places, and offer training and education to build your own system. We have formulated fish feed, and procured the right materials to provide very economical and reliable systems to our clients.




Hydroponics is a part of hydro culture and is a method of growing plants in water without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions. Our research in hydroponics is about reusable water, providing biological environments to crops, and erasing pesticide and insecticide use. In traditional hydroponics, only minerals and salts are added, due to which the food produce may lack the essential elements that are useful for our nourishment. This is a challenge that needs to be addressed and we are researching on providing a culture in water that is almost identical to the soil, for high and nutritious yields.


Organic Farming

We are developing 15 acres of land in Pen, Maharashtra, for hands-on research and education on organic farming. Our aim is to expand and implement very economical and low-cost organic farming techniques. We are experimenting with agro-homeopathy nutrients and bio-fertilizers, along with quick composting techniques for farm use. We work with local farmers and communities, imbibing a culture of self-sufficiency, along with developing new skills and knowledge on safe food production.



Why we do it?

The perils of urbanization are endless. Lifestyle diseases are common and the amount of pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, or even wax that is used to keep raw food shiny is extremely harmful to our health. The contamination of our rivers and ground water is alarming due to the lack of regulation of industrial waste, along with the scarcity of water resulting from climate change.

In our quest for safe food, sustainable practices, we want to contribute to the growing movement of alternative farming and economical food production. Blending our age old farming practices with new technologies, our organic practices seek to preserve our earth and safeguard human beings.