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VIJAY YELMALLE: AVF Changemaker Crafting Urban Farming In India

Interview conducted by Andrew Blume

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Sow seeds of low-cost food with 2 new farming methods

Techniques To Aid Creation Of Safe Fare For Daily Intake

In Kharghar, lies an enterprise, a little over a year-old that is striving to promote a safe and alternate farming technique to rural and urban farmers. Called Craft (Center for Research in Alternative Farming Technologies), its aim is to create safe food for everyday consumption. Through research, training and practical application it is taking its ideas to entrepreneurs all over.

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Rural IDEA takes to Alternative Farming Technologies

Mr. Vijay Yelmalle
Founder, CRAFT

CRAFT Center for Research in Alternative Farming Technologies was founded in 2014 with a view to bring alternative farming technologies to India, providing solutions to the problem faced by the Indian framers.The biggest problem faced by the Indian farmers was non-viability of farming largely on account of small and fragmented landholdings coupled with problems of water scarcity, infertility of land, changing weather and use of present farming techniques.

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Farming Without Soil

Vijay Yelmalle teaches agriculturists – both urban and rural – how to apply technology to practise eco-friendly farming and increase yield.

Mumbai: Vijay Yelmalle had a steady career spanning 14 years in the chemical industry in Singapore. But there was something that kept tugging at him back home. “Whenever I read about farmer suicides, it depressed me. I wanted to do something for them, especially farmers from my home State, Maharashtra,” says Mr. Yelmalle.

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Concerete Farms

Vijay S Yelmalle, who runs a Mumbai-based start-up, Center for Research in Alternative Farming Technologies, says as greenhouse technology has had limited success in India, farming without soil is the best way to use our fast-expanding urban spaces. The best part is that mass adoption of this new technology is easier than we think !!

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Promotes aquaponics and hydroponics for urban farming

CRAFT is engaged conducting trial with Indian institutes such as IIT Mumbai to bring new cost effective and result efficient farming techniques. Company provides the complete hydroponic and aquaponic system at reasonable price to the farmers. “We ensure the techniques we promote are affordable to farmers and practically possible to execute in Indian soil,” he adds.

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Krishi Darpan Interview

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Zee 24 Taas Interview

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