CRAFT Presents

One day Hydroponics and Aquaponics Training: Workshop for beginners & intermidate

Welcome to the world of Hydroponics & Aquaponics

In this course you will be learning about modern technology and its application to growing plants,with the emphasis on hydroponics and aquaponics production.Skills obtained throughout the course will enable you to set up your own business.



Training:– How about growing plants without soil & back breaking labour while using 90 % less water?

-Why should I do this?

Would you like fresh herbs, veggies & fruits from your own Commercial hub & kitchen garden ?
Still want to trigger that long lost interest in farming?

Let it be just a hobby or a potential career choice or some solid business/ investment opportunity, let us show you around this amazing technology.

-What can I get out of this?

– Become a hydroponics novice
– Explore career & business/investment opportunities in modern farming.
– Learn about the most advanced farming technology
– Become an urban farmer.
– Impart importance of farming in your family.

Lets take a sneak peak in this amazing farming technique and explore its potential.

CRAFT is happy to announce this one day training program to answer all your questions and give you a brief idea about this amazing farming technology.

After training:-
-We provide the PPT’s
-Add all the attendees to our Whatsapp groups for the handholding.
-We have trainees, suppliers, service providers consultant all added to the groups.
-All the queries on the groups are answered by other members and us with full support.


  1. Introduction to Hydroponic Technology
  2. Plant Growth Requirements – Light , artificial light, light balancers
  3. Plant Growth Requirements ‑ Nutrition‑ nutrient requirements, deficiencies, toxicities, pH, conductivity, salinity, growth regulators
  4. Plant Growth Requirements ‑ Temperature
  5. Hydroponic Growing Systems ‑ basic concepts and designs, site considerations.
  6. Growing Media ‑ types, properties, uses.
  7. Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions ‑ nutrient formulae, preparing solutions.
  8. Hydroponic Equipment ‑ componentry, nutrient delivery, pumping, testing
  9. Growing Structures ‑ Design and Construction ‑ types
  10. Environmental Control A ‑ Heating, Cooling
  11. Environmental Control B ‑ Lighting, Shading.
  12. Environmental Control C ‑ Carbon Dioxide Enrichment
  13. Plant Culture In Hydroponics A ‑ trellising, pruning, pollination, transplanting.
  14. Plant Culture In Hydroponics B
  15. Aggregate Culture
  16. Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Culture
  17. Rockwool Culture
  18. Other Techniques ‑ wick systems, flood & drain, bag culture, aeroponics, etc.
  19. Irrigation ‑ Soil Requirements
  20. Irrigation Systems
  21. Plant Propagation ‑ seed & cutting propagation & tissue culture
  22. Market Gardening ‑ Cut Flowers
  23. Market Gardening ‑ Vegetables
  24. Other Plants In Hydroponics ‑ herbs, grasses, indoor plants
  25. Pest and Diseases – Identifying the problem, pests and diseases in hydroponics
  26. Weeds ‑ identification and control
  27. Managing A Commercial Hydroponics Farm ‑ crop scheduling & selection standards
  28. Management ‑ Organisation and Supervision
  29. Marketing ‑ Promotion and Selling
    For Registration/Inquiry please contact us on: 9867764503